Schedule for 2016

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Date Show Location Booth #
February 24 NCCAVS 37th Annual Equipment Exhibition San Jose, CA 86
March 14-17 APS March Meeting 2016 Baltimore, MD 911
May 09-11 2016 APS/CNM Users Meeting Lemont, IL TBD
May 23-25 2016 NSLS-II & CFN Joint Users' Meeting Upton, NY 21
July12-14 Semicon West 2016 San Francisco, CA 625
August 07-10 ICHP 2016 Chicago, IL TBD
TBD 2016 LCLS/SSRL Users' Meeting Menlo Park, CA TBD
TBD 2016 ALS User Meeting Berkeley, CA TBD
November 08-10 AVS 63rd International Symposium & Exhibition Nashville, TN 519

See you soon.

NSLS/CFN Joint Users' Meeting


NSLS- II & CFN Users' Meeting

The annual NSLS- II and CFN Users' meeting was held at the Brookhaven National Laboratory. This year was the second participation, following last year.

The meeting was held over three days, and participated in order that everyone will know more about the company. We advocated that the company is especially strong in minor amount of customization for Research and Development applications, to which everyone acknowledged and mentioned that they will remember this.

Furthermore, there were several inquiries of interest in the BPM (Beam Position Monitor) in the COSMOTEC system.

Subsequent to last year, on the second day, an annual users' meeting banquet was held at the historic The Suffolk Theater in Riverhead.

With good food, we were able to forge friendships with the participants, and by the well-timed desert course, we were able to listen to and share the personal scientific experiences of many physicists, making it a memorable and meaningful moment.

We can't wait to make new encounters at the upcoming SRI 2015 in July at Times Square.

APS/CNM/EMC Users' Meeting, Argonne, IL


The annual APS (Advanced Photon Source) users' meeting was held at the Argonne National Laboratory. This is the second year we participated.

To the keen interest to the UHV compatible Coaxial High Voltage 50ohm impedance matching Electrical feedthrough and its atmosphere side plug which we exhibited last year, in order to finalize the technical specifications, we were able meet with our prospective client. We were able to actually see experiments on site, and were able to gain valuable insight and be more familiar with the project. Additionally, we received a question on the inside of the ceramic chamber on how to uniformly make the Ti or TiN coating thickness. This is because, they had a bitter experience with the previous ceramic chamber, where the inside thickness was not uniform, and was unable to proceed with the expected projects. We mentioned that our company uses mainly the spattering coating method and able to evenly apply the coating, and received additional questions on how much we are able to control the thickness of the applications. The users' meeting was held over four days, and this time stayed at the Argonne Laboratory's guest house. The facilities exceeded far beyond our expectations and were able to spend a most comfortable time there.

Society of Vaccum Coaters (SVC) TechCon, Santa Clara, CA


SVC TechCon 2015 was held locally in Santa Clara. It seemed that the number of attendees was slightly down from last year.

Nevertheless, in order to meet the demand of our passionate users, we listened diligently to our customers to supply the most ideal feedthrough.While there is a trend towards more smaller equipment, it was our impression that overall, customers are seeking a compact feedthrough device. For clients seeking the smallest Coaxial Connector, we proposed the LEMO Connector system; and for those looking for a multi-point temperature monitoring, we introduced the Thermocouple with 24 pairs which would fit into NW/KF40.

Indianapolis will be the event's host city for 2016. As the host site changes, industries changes as well, and we will be looking forward to see applications of different fields.

APS March Meeting


Location: Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center San Antonio, Texas

It is the second time this year to exhibit at the recent "APS March Meeting 2015." Over nine thousand physicists from the United States and around the world attended, and there were one hundred and thirty exhibitors. By these numbers, we can say that this is the largest single event of the American Physics Society (APS). Most attendees were physicists associated with Colleges and National Laboratories, and many users of UHV spectrum devices, such as MBE devices, visited our booth. It indeed was a good opportunity to meet and exchange conversations with many customers.

Most customers had expressed an interest in the ConFlat Flange Mounted UHV Feedthrough. We were especially pleased that the customers were actually able to touch the products and feel the ease and convenience of attachment and removal of the products such as the 10kV-SHV, 20kV-SHV Single End, High Voltage Coaxial Type, the BNC, SMA, Double Ended Coaxial Connector, the In-Vaccum PEEK Insulated Plug with Cable Assembly, and the Ready-to-USE In-Vaccum Quick Connector Multi-pin Feedthrough. There was a user who was looking for Cryogenic Feedthrough and Water Cooled Feedthrough and since there were enough stock of standard catalogue products, we informed them that we will ship them the same day from Silicon Valley.

There were also visitors from BNL (Brookhaven National Laboratory) and SLAC (National Accelerator Laboratory). We look forward to meeting them in various users' meeting in the future.

The next exhibition will be held between April 25 - 30 in our neighbourhood of Santa Clara, CA at the SVC* Techcon2015 Show. We hope and look forward to seeing each and every one there.

SVC* - Society of Vacuum Coaters

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NCCAVS 36th Annual Equipment Exhibition


Location: Holiday Inn San Jose Airport San Jose, CA

This year marked the third time our company exhibited at the NCCAVS Equipment Exhibit. This event had over 100 exhibiting companies from around the U.S. with over 350 attendees. These numbers indicate the size of the market. There were many familiar faces and a lot of interaction between them in a friendly atmosphere. Even the presenting companies enthusiastically exchanged information among each other, indicating that the semiconductor equipment market is very active.

In our booth, we introduced the UHV-compatible LEMO connector to those looking for a compact-sized coaxial feedthrough to install in a limited space, cognizant of smaller equipment. In terms of customized products, we explained the manufacturing process of the ceramic chamber. We also introduced the in-vacuum PEEK insulated cable to visitors looking for a low out-gassing cable that can be used for an UHV environment. We were very happy to be able to provide solutions to customer problems.

Visitors also seemed to enjoy our demonstration on how to connect a user-friendly multi-pin feedthrough.
We also provided visitors who were looking for a single high-voltage ceramic break with VCR fitting the actual product to give them an idea of what it would look like. We are grateful that our exchanges helped our customers in any way possible.

The next exhibition is the APS March Meeting to be held in San Antonio, Texas.

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Cosmotec at the roadshow! Schedule for 2015

Cosmotec will once again visit various locations around the U.S.!
Find Cosmotec at one of the following exhibitions or shows.

  • Feb 19: NCCAVS 36th Annual Equipment Exhibition San Jose, CA
  • Mar 2-6: APS March Meeting San Antonio, TX
  • Apr 25-30: SVC TECHCON 2015 Santa Clara, CA
  • May 11-14: APS/CNM/EMC Users' Meeting Argonne, IL
  • May 18-21: NSLS/CFN Joint Users' Meeting Upton, NY
  • July 6-10: SRI 2015 New York, NY
  • July 14-16: SEMICON West 2015 San Francisco, CA
  • TBD: LBL User Meeting Berkeley, CA
  • TBD: LCLS User Meeting Menlo Park, CA
  • Oct 18-23: AVS 62nd International Symposium & Exhibition San Jose, CA

We look forward to seeing you at an exhibition or show near you.

Please feel free to give us any feedback on our feedthrough and ceramic-to-metal vacuum products.

  • Cosmotec can provide solutions to your problems and help realize your imagination.
  • We can help you achieve optimal results with quick turn around.
  • Feel peace of mind as you are able to immerse yourself into your research, your core business.
  • Cosmotec can manufacture custom-made items in any quantity you desire.
  • You no longer have to settle for using standard catalog products.

We look forward to providing new and unique products and services in 2015.
See you soon!

Events 2015

  • July.06-10.2015

    SRI 2015

    Location: NY Marriott Marquis (Times Square) New York, NY

  • July.14-16.2015

    SEMICON West 2015

    Location: Moscone Center San Francisco, CA

  • TBD

    LBL User Meeting

    Location: Lawrence Barkeley National Laboratory Berkeley, CA

  • TBD

    LCLS User Meeting

    Location: SLAC National Accerelator Laboratory Menlo Park, CA

  • October.18-23.2015

    AVS 62nd International Symposium & Exhibition

    Location: San Jose Convention Center San Jose, CA

AVS 61st International Symposium and Exhibition

Baltimore, MD

November 10 - 12, 2014

Visit our Booth #213