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APS/CNM/EMC Users' Meeting, Argonne, IL


The annual APS (Advanced Photon Source) users' meeting was held at the Argonne National Laboratory. This is the second year we participated.

To the keen interest to the UHV compatible Coaxial High Voltage 50ohm impedance matching Electrical feedthrough and its atmosphere side plug which we exhibited last year, in order to finalize the technical specifications, we were able meet with our prospective client. We were able to actually see experiments on site, and were able to gain valuable insight and be more familiar with the project. Additionally, we received a question on the inside of the ceramic chamber on how to uniformly make the Ti or TiN coating thickness. This is because, they had a bitter experience with the previous ceramic chamber, where the inside thickness was not uniform, and was unable to proceed with the expected projects. We mentioned that our company uses mainly the spattering coating method and able to evenly apply the coating, and received additional questions on how much we are able to control the thickness of the applications. The users' meeting was held over four days, and this time stayed at the Argonne Laboratory's guest house. The facilities exceeded far beyond our expectations and were able to spend a most comfortable time there.