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NSLS/CFN Joint Users' Meeting


NSLS- II & CFN Users' Meeting

The annual NSLS- II and CFN Users' meeting was held at the Brookhaven National Laboratory. This year was the second participation, following last year.

The meeting was held over three days, and participated in order that everyone will know more about the company. We advocated that the company is especially strong in minor amount of customization for Research and Development applications, to which everyone acknowledged and mentioned that they will remember this.

Furthermore, there were several inquiries of interest in the BPM (Beam Position Monitor) in the COSMOTEC system.

Subsequent to last year, on the second day, an annual users' meeting banquet was held at the historic The Suffolk Theater in Riverhead.

With good food, we were able to forge friendships with the participants, and by the well-timed desert course, we were able to listen to and share the personal scientific experiences of many physicists, making it a memorable and meaningful moment.

We can't wait to make new encounters at the upcoming SRI 2015 in July at Times Square.