Quality & Environment

Cosmotec, Inc. (Cosmotec) recognizes that sustaining good Quality and Environmental practice is essential to the success of the business and that the protection of products, services and the environment is a key business consideration.

Cosmotec believes that this objective is promoted by requiring that all persons at all levels of the organization understand the Company’s policies, objectives and procedures. The CEO and Directors recognize that effective quality and environmental management contributes to the success of the business in all its operating activities.

The company is committed to the continual improvement of its Quality and Environmental performance and development of its policies and culture.

The responsibility for quality and environmental management lies with all personnel in Cosmotec and its Headquarters in Japan, Cosmotec Corporation. It is the duty of all Cosmotec employees while at work for the quality of the work they perform and their environmental impacts.

The Company actively promotes responsible recycling, re-use, and energy efficiency. It makes every effort to reduce pollution and reduce environmental impacts. All employees must also co-operate with the Company in fulfilling its statutory duties and aims of this policy. This policy and the way that it is implemented will be reviewed on a constant basis to meet new legislative and business requirements and to identify and correct deficiencies.

This policy will be brought to the attention of all employees at all locations with whom relevant discussion and consultation will take place concerning quality and environmental issues.

Taku Sekiguchi
Chief Executive Officer,
Cosmotec, Inc.