Terms of Use


www.cosmotec.us is a website which promote Cosmotec, Inc’c (Cosmotec) product line and transact the purchases where buyers can browse, select and order products. Buyers’ access to and use of the site, including such purchase order is governed by this Terms of Use.


Buyer agree and comply with, these terms and conditions and agree to comply with all relevant laws relating to buyer’s use of the site and your placement of any order through this website.

Placing an order for products

Buyer may order products by selecting and submitting his/her order through the site in accordance with the Terms and Conditions. Any order placed through this website for a product is an offer by the buyer to purchase the particular product for the price notified (including the delivery and other charges and taxes) at the time of placing the order or later to be notified by Cosmotec. Cosmotec may ask buyer to provide additional details or require buyer to confirm details to enable Cosmotec to process any orders placed through the website. In such case, buyer agree to provide Cosmotec with current, complete and accurate details should buyer continue with the purchase order.

Buyer should provide Cosmotec with the buyer’s wholesale permit certificate or applicable number to be waived with any required tax charge. Should buyer not provide such information, Cosmotec has the right to charge buyer with taxes based on applicable tax laws.

Orders, Price and Quotes

The Price and Quotes, if provided by Cosmotec, is valid for 30 calendar days, unless otherwise stated on the Price and Quotes.
Buyer agrees to purchase the products from Cosmotec according to this Term of Use and for the prices indicated in the Quote or otherwise agreed. Buyer must pay all amounts due under this terms in US dollars to the payment address noted on the applicable invoice or other form of payments noted below. Freight charges shall be paid by buyer and will be listed separately on the invoice. Prices and specifications are subject to change without notice.
In certain circumstances, we may need to reject your order. This may happen where the requested product is not available or if there is an error in the price or the product description posted on the website.

Each order placed for products through the website that we accept results in a separate binding agreement between buyer and Cosmotec for the supply of those products. For each order accepted by Cosmotec, we will (a) supply the products in that order to buyer in accordance with these terms and conditions; and (b) provide buyer with an email confirmation of that order.
If Cosmotec reject an order placed through the website, then we will notify buyer of such rejection at the time buyer place the order or within a reasonable time after buyer submit such order.

Back orders

If Cosmotec determine that we do not have a particular product in an order in stock, then we will use reasonable endeavours for 30 days to order the relevant product. In this instance, we will notify buyer of the relevant back ordered products and the anticipated delivery date.

Delivery of products

Cosmotec will only deliver products to a location in The United States and Canada where we provide delivery service. Buyer will be informed with the information upon the order confirmation emails. The information related to the delivery timeframes will also be contained in such emails. The delivery fee for your order depends on the type of product you order (in particular, the size and weight of the product). Buyer agree to comply with certain delivery requirements specified below and such other requirements that we notify you when you place your order through the website.

Cancelling an order

Buyer may cancel any part of an order (including any orders that we have accepted) without any liabilities at any time if:

  • the products in that order are not available; or
  • there is an error in the price or the product description posted on the Site for the Product in that order; or
  • that we reasonably believe your order has been placed in breach of these Terms of Use.

You may cancel an order (whether it is accepted by us or not) by contacting Cosmotec during 9AM to 5 PM (Pacific Time), Monday to Friday at any time prior to the dispatch of that order. Once the order has been dispatched for delivery to you, then you may return the relevant products in accordance with this Terms of Use.


Fees and Charges

Cosmotec will charge buyer, and buyer agree to pay, the purchase price of each product that is ordered, the delivery fee for such order that we notify to buyer when a order is placed (“Delivery Fee”) and any other fees and charges set out in this Terms of Use. The purchase price of each product is shown on the Order Sheet at the time buyer place an order. Should a buyer cancel an order, then (a) Cosmotec will refund any amounts paid by buyer for that cancelled order and (b) not refund the Delivery Fee(s) where the products in your cancelled order have been dispatched for delivery.

Payment methods

Buyer may pay the fees and charges for an accepted order using the following payment methods:

  • Credit Card; Visa and Masters Card Only
  • Bank Deposits and Checks

If Cosmotec is unable to successfully process your credit card, confirm bank deposits or receive a check, then we may cancel your order.


Purchase Agreement

If a buyer has previously signed a Purchase Agreement, then we will invoice you the fees and charges for the products buyer have ordered when the aggregate amount payable by you for all orders placed under such terms and conditions reaches or exceeds the agreed amount. Please contact Cosmotec should you prefer to order under a dedicated Purchase Agreement.


All products except custom designed products may be returned by buyer. Delivery Fee will not be refundable at any time, unless the product was damaged. All such returned products must be unpacked (unsealed), unused, 100% complete and contain all original packing materials. No Products may be returned after 30 calendar days from delivery to buyer.


Cosmotec will not be liable to buyer for indirect and consequential loss (including without limitation for loss of revenue, loss of profits, failure to realize expected profits or savings and any other commercial or economic loss of any kind) or loss or corruption of data, in contract, tort, under any statute or otherwise (including negligence) arising from or connected to the purchase or this agreement. Nothing in this Terms of Use is intended to limit or exclude any liability that cannot be excluded by law.


We may immediately suspend, terminate or limit buye’s access to and use of the website and (where relevant) your account if you breach the Terms of Use and (a) the breach cannot be remedied, (b) buyer fail to the remedy the breach within 10 days of our notice to buyer of such breach.

Website Maintenance

Cosmotec may permanently terminate or tentatively suspend the website without prior notice. If so, any orders that we have accepted will not be affected by this unless the products that have been ordered are no longer available or we are prevented from supplying the products, in which case, we will notify buyer and will refund to buyer all valid payments received by us for such products.

Changes to these terms and conditions

Prices and terms may change without prior notice. Cosmotec recommend buyer to read this Terms of Use carefully each time buyer agree to the ordering process. Cosmotec will not alter any terms and conditions for an existing order that has been accepted by Cosmotec. The Terms of Use that will apply to the order, are the terms and conditions that applied at the time you placed your order.


General This Agreement will be governed by and construed according to the laws of the State of California.