About Us

"Our customers get exactly what they want, when they need it - they do not need to compromise. That is our promise."

Established in Tokyo, Japan Cosmotec Corporation was founded by Rokuro Sekiguichi in 1992.
Mr. Sekiguchi quickly developed a reputation for his uncompromising commitment to quality and reliability. He strongly believed that if he gave his word to a client, it must be kept - there were no exceptions. He also believed that if his work consistently exceeded the clients' expectations, then his business would grow.
He was right.
Today, Cosmotec is Japan's leading manufacturer of ultra high vacuum products. His son, Taku Sekiguchi is now the proud CEO of the company that he founded more than 20 years ago. Taku Sekiguchi shares his father's vision and is dedicated to manufacturing only the highest quality components. Each component is always designed with precision, quality and reliability in mind. Taku also has a keen interest in testing new materials and has been the driving force behind Cosmotec's ongoing commitment to innovation.
What was once a small, family-run business is now Japan's leading manufacturer of ultra-high vacuum components. In 2013, Cosmotec expanded globally, and opened an office in Mountain View, CA in order to reach the U.S. market and expand the reach of their products.


Work with our Customers and Provide SOLUTION

As a leading manufacturer of the vacuum components, our corporate philosophy is to provide to our clients the "Utmost Result" with the best solution. We work very closely with our clients, scientists, corporations, researchers, government entities, universities and individuals. Cosmotec respect the accomplishments or achievements with the people involved. This is what we have been doing in Japan for over 20 years.

1. Custom Manufacturing

We will amaze you with our custom manufacturing capabilities. Whether it is "one quantity" order, Cosmotec will work at its best to not let our clients down. We will "WORK TOGETHER" with our clients and find the best solution. Whether they are isolators, ceramic feedthroughs, coaxial and multi-pin connectors, coaxial connectors, multi-pin connectors, double-ended connectors, floating coaxial connectors, multi-pin connectors, ceramic chambers, beam positioning monitors, (BPM), isolator flanges, ceramic isolator flanges, sapphire windows, single-crystal sapphire material, ceramic-to-metal bonding technology, we will provide solutions…

2. Quality Assurance

The finest of the industry products are to be delivered to our client's need.

3. Inventory and Delivery

We maintain certain inventory levels of our catalog components. So the standard products lines should meet your schedule requirement. Should an item is not in stock nor on our product list, a firm delivery date should be proposed to all clients to meet the requirement.

4. Pricing

Our pricing is based on Quality and Reliability. Utilizing economical product items in the installation stage would often lead to unsatisfactory maintenance and malfunction. Our goal is to provide the full extent of assurance for the desired life span.